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Anat Weksler presents: Alcohol Inks

Hi Dears! 

Today I want to show you a project I've prepared for you - a small open box, colored only with Alcohol Inks.

I love working with Alcohol Inks because they are so versatile, you can use them in almost all surfaces and what makes it even more beautiful and interesting is that they look different in each one of the surfaces you apply them. I wanted to show you that in my project.

For those who don't know yet the Alcohol inks, here's a short explanation:

Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces (in my project you see the look of them in a porous surfaces). The brightness of the color means that a small bottle will go a long way.

The Alcohol Ink Metallic Mixative can be used to add luminous highlights and polished effects. These inks need to be shaken well before use and should be used sparingly as they can overwhelm a project. They are called Mixative because they mix into the colors, differently from the others that the color goes on top of the other.

With them we use a Blending solution which help us not only to blend but also to lighten the pigment, spread the ink for more interesting look and clean the working surface.

I used here: wooden piece, chipboard, metallic and acrylic embellishments and o each material I used a different method to color.

I started by adhering the gears composition with Matt Gel Medium and after it was dry I primed the whole piece with White heavy gesso. 

Although the fabricant says to use the Alcohol inks only on non-porous surfaces I like the look that they give Wooden and chipboard pieces.

You can see the gears has a rust look, to do that I started dripping directly on the gears Rust Adirondack alcohol ink , Terra cotta Adirondack alcohol ink and a bit of Stream Adirondack alcohol ink .On top I dripped Alcohol blending solution and blended with a small paint brush. On porous surface you must work quickly covering a small area each time.

After I finished all gears and was satisfied with the color I added a little bit of Copper Adirondack alcohol mixative and after it was dried I applied Archival jet black with a Ranger Blending tool, in circular movements. Then I used sandpaper to give an old look, finally I dried brush with White Heavy Gesso.

Next, I assembled the metal embellishments with Matt Gel Medium and let it dry. Color them is much easier you drip on top the same inks as before adding Purple twilight Adirondack alcohol ink. Rust Adirondack alcohol ink In this case there was no need to use the blending solution.

The acrylic cabochons were colored upside down with the same Inks, they dry quickly so you can adhere them immediately with the color down.

The last thing was to add a little bit of Gold Adirondack alcohol mixative here and there.

The other sides I colored the same method I did on the gears adding a bit of Lettuce Adirondack alcohol ink.

Hope you’ll be inspired to use this gorgeous Inks.

Here’s some more pictures:

Until next time xoxo

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