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RKS Ambassador Anat presents: the Retro KITs!

Hello dear readers,

I want to tell you, today, a little bit about the Retro Kit.

The Kit is a meticulously assembled retro-set which provides you with the materials to create many beautiful, vivid projects. 

The idea of the kit is to provide everything you need to create a project, avoiding purchasing a large number of products, which you’re not sure yet if going to need in the future and getting the chance to test a variation of products at the same time.

Every Kit release has a theme and even though all items, it contains, help you creating related project, you can easily create projects in other styles.

So what’s in the Kit: various media samples, surfaces and bases, papers, lots of embellishments of different types. You can actually create, with it content about 4 or more projects.

The past "Boudoir" set comes in a shabby chic style. Using the crackling medium and powders you can create projects in shades of vintage pink, white, ecru and brown. The included watercolor media will add more vivid colors: violet, blue and pink. You can still purchase it.

The current theme Kit is “Winter night” what’s inside is a surprise, but I can tell you that you’ll get in it, a custom-made stencil unavailable anywhere else. in case you did't Purchase it in the Pre order you can still buy in January but you have to hurry because the quantity is limited.

Current Retro Kit - "Goodnight"

Hope I'll inspired you!

Past Kit - Rust

Past Kit -  Time flies

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